Violin Performances


One of the services offered is a performance solution that includes violin and backing tracks, this is ideal if you want some simple background music and good entertainment. From parties, weddings, memorials, and any type of events, Daniele will bring the right music to create long-lasting memories

One man band project

Guitar, violin, loop station

The one man band project is one of Daniele's favourites, as it allows him to perform at his best. He will create a nice party atmosphere at your events with the elegant sound of the violin, the set list includes beautiful songs such as Viva la vida (Coldplay) With or without you (U2) Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve) and many more. Everything is recorded live and played trough his loop station rc600 which makes the experience unique and unforgettable


Guitarist, Violinist, Electric Guitar Player

Aside from working on his own projects, Daniele loves to perform and play with other bands and artists, his ability to play more instruments makes him very versatile and valuable, you can hire him as an acoustic guitar player, Electric lead guitarist, Electric 2nd guitarist, Violinist or any combination needed.

Music Recording

Session Musician

They say time in the studio goes faster, and that's so true. By playing violin and guitar for more then 20 years now, Daniele has developed incredible skills when it comes to recording music, He is able to play trough sight reading and also by hearing, which makes it the perfect combo to get the job done in the shortest period of time possible, so you can save some cash. Hire him for your next song or album recording.