Daniele Montarulo is a sensational virtuoso musician who sets stages ablaze with his electrifying live performance. Hailing from the enchanting land of Puglia, Italy, Daniele's musical journey began with the panflute and drums, but his true love for playing and performing led him to master the violin and guitar, captivating audiences from Europe to Australia.
Having graduated from the prestigious Conservatory of Music Nicolo' Piccinni (Bari) in 2014, Daniele's musical prowess has been honed to perfection.
When he takes the stage, a magical transformation occurs - his music comes alive, mesmerizing audiences and leaving them moved by his extraordinary talent.
In 2018, Daniele embarked on an exciting new chapter by moving to Sydney, Australia. The vibrant city became the canvas for his captivating performances.
His live shows have become an unforgettable journey through the depths of emotion and the heights of musical brilliance.
Audiences are drawn to his dynamic presence and the way he effortlessly weaves together the melodies of the violin and guitar, taking them on a sonic adventure they'll never forget. Beyond traditional venues, Daniele's talent also earned him the honor of performing in prestigious places such as the prestigious Jackson Super Yacht, where he serenaded guests with his spellbinding tunes against the backdrop of the open sea.